Opportunity Knocks:


The Inter-American Development Bank and the Blum Centers at UC Berkeley and UCLA are excited to host Demand Solutions: Ideas for Improving Quality of Life, a one-day event where some of the most creative minds in the world come together to discuss and share innovative solutions that address development issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from and meet the innovators as well as interact with some of the solutions being presented. Read More


Small Business Loans

Our loans can range from as little as $700 up to $100,000 BDS. The business must be commercially viable project and once developed, must be the primary source of income and employment for the applicant.
A business plan may be required for loans over $50,000. Applicants must demonstrate a willingness to be trained in enterprise development and receive technical assistance from FundAccess.

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Business Development Services

Technical Assistance is designed to provide support to ensure the success of the project, and may include further training from external consultants as deemed necessary.


Enterprise Training is compulsory for clients of FundAccess to participate and successfully complete a two-day micro enterprise training programme, prior to funds being disbursed.


FundAccess also provides an Accounting Service to its clients specifically designed for micro entrepreneurs. A computerized accounting programme will be utilised to deliver quarterly financial reports to clients.

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