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FundAccess… Empowering Entrepreneurs

We offer an innovative suite of finance solutions for micro and small businesses in Barbados. We understand the diverse challenges and opportunities that your business can face. This is why our blend of funding, enterprise training and development services is unrivaled across the business and financial sector.

So whatever stage you are at, our experienced team will match you with the right loan product that meets your business needs.

We are committed to your success!


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as at 05.31.2024

With a FundAccess loan you can…

buy new equipment

purchase stock

get working capital

market your business

renovate your space

pay for training / research & development

Our Loan Products

Uniquely Designed with You in Mind

Our comprehensive suite of loan financing solutions caters to sectors including
Agriculture, Retail & Distribution, Manufacturing, Services & Trade, Tourism, Creative Industries, Renewable Energy, S.T.E.M and ICT.

Business Boost

Up to $25,000.00

@ 6% per annum

* For start-ups in business for 1 year or less

Business Escalator

Up to $150,000.00

@ 6.5% per annum

* Manufacturing, Agriculture, Tourism, Construction

Business Facilitator

Up to $100,000.00

@ 7% per annum

* Retail & Distribution, Services & Trade

Business Innovator

Up to $150,000.00

@ 6% per annum

* S.T.E.M, Creative Industries, ICT, Renewable Energy

Business Pro

Up to $100,000.00

@ 7.5% per annum

* Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers, etc…

Our Support Services

So Much More Than Just a Loan


Designed to ensure that you build on and make the most of your investment by providing you with critical skills in areas such as cash management, record keeping, costing and pricing, marketing, motivation for success and goal setting.


This provides technical support to loan beneficiaries. Generally given within the first six months, it provides support to ensure the success of the business, and may include further training or support from external consultants.


Our informative seminars and internal workshops facilitated by external consultants, focus on special areas where clients may lack knowledge or require additional training for example, HR Management or Purchasing 101.

Our Process

4 Easy Steps to Your Success

1.) First Interview – Let’s talk about your business

Come in and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives, or when you are ready, click the apply now button to start this process. You get to tell us about yourself and your business. We provide you with information to help you better understand the way forward.

2.) Prepare Documentation – Getting it all together

Be sure to complete your loan Application Documents and gather all necessary supporting documentation such as pro forma invoices, estimates, quotations, health certificates, etc. This will ensure the smooth processing of your loan application.

3.) Second Interview – Going further

Make a call to your loans consultant to set an appointment for your follow up interview. Submit the information you’ve prepared. Let’s explore your options together.

4.) We Make a Decision

After an internal review process, we let you know the decision on the approval of your loan application.

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