Application Terms and Conditions

1.1 I attest that all of the information on this application is true.

1.2 I authorize FundAccess to investigate and verify the information being submitted, and contact any references regarding this application. I also authorize FundAccess to perform a credit check, which may include obtaining consumer and /or commercial credit reports and to exchange information about credit experience with other creditors from time to time, as authorized by law.

1.3 FundAccess is hereby authorized to disclose to any credit bureau, reporting agency, business or person such information regarding my credit history as is appropriate and lawful in the circumstance.

1.4 I understand that if I am applying as a co-borrower or co-applicant, I am applying for joint credit with the other party on this application.

1.5 I understand that if I receive a loan from FundAccess, I must make my full monthly payments on time. I understand that I cannot be delinquent in my repayment of this loan and that I must use the loan for the business purpose I specified in my loan application. I also understand that delinquent loan payments can adversely affect my credit record.

1.6 I understand that FundAccess will retain this application whether the loan is approved or denied.

1.7 These Terms are separate and supplemental to any loan agreement between you and FundAccess, which you are also bound by where applicable.

By submitting this application, I agree to the above terms and acknowledge that my application is not complete until all required documents are received.